Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Freyr - Work in Progress

Hey Everyone,

Another update on my Norse project. This time it is my first God miniature - Freyr.

Edit: Completed pictures of this model can be found HERE.

 photo DSCF2925_zps55665ea0.jpg

The model that I am using to represent Freyr on the table top is a 40mm scale Jason (of Argonoughts fame) produced by Spartan Games. I was lucky enough to buy a bunch of these minis from my old local gaming store while they were still in production. Huge monsters excluded, their Jason model is my runaway favourite. With his neat beard, ornate armour and chiselled features I thought he made a fine candidate for a miniature deity.

 photo DSCF2926_zps47ef1ac2.jpg

I left the model mostly 'as is', the only conversions being the two weapon swaps. I drilled though the left hand and added a spear ('borrowed' from one of the skeleton models) and replaced the sword with an antler taken from a GW Bretonnian Helmet. 

 photo DSCF2928_zps590760bf.jpg

I was a little worried that a 40mm miniature would be a little on the small side compared the 'official' God miniatures, but I think that he sizes up well next to his 28mm worshippers. Norse Gods are depicted as being far less detached from the common man compared to their Egyptian and Greek opposites, so I'm quite happy with how he is only a head taller. 

Here's a scale comparison:-

 photo DSCF2929_zps40a5c379.jpg

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