Wednesday, 18 June 2014

1:1 Scale Garden Furniture

Hey All,

So this week I've got some 1:1 Scale Garden Furniture Set painted up.

I've done it as a favour for my Dad, who's knees arn't the best.

Although they were assembled, they were in a fairly rough state, so I did a full repaint rather than try and touch up the bad spots.

I always strip figures before re-painting, but as these are only terrain I made an exception and just went over the old surface after rubbing them down with some cleaner.

 photo DSC_0029_zps8hk4gmpr.jpg

I painted them up with oils rather than my usual acrylics. I used DIY store stuff rather than hobby paints, but it gave a very realistic 'wood furniture' effect. I did not do much in the way of highlighting as it's mostly flat surfaces. Perhaps it could do with a lighter drybrush to bring the details out?

The terrain pieces themselves are not great quality. Every surface has a horrible grain to it, even worse than Shapeways 3D printed stuff, but on the plus side though, they must be superbly cast as I could not see even a single mould line.

In all, must have spent about 6 hours doing it all. It was fun in a way, but I don't really fancy moving into 1:1 scale any time soon. I just find the figures so expensive that anything more than a small skirmish would cost the earth.

Like them?


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