Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Armoured Riders From Out East...

Hey All, 

Got these two guys done over the weekend.

A friend had some 'middle eastern' heavy cavalry going spare and threw them my way. I've no idea who made them or exactly what they are supposed to be, but they look okay to me. 

 photo 4_zps455cde17.jpg  photo 3_zps4711366c.jpg
Cataphract 1.

It was nice to do some bright colours. Should get some more done before too long. Might try some in pink, some in yellow and some in purple.

My Colonial / Back and Beyond Arab forces have long been in need of some cavalry, and although these are perhaps a little too olde timey for the period, they will fill out the ranks nicely.

 photo 2_zpsf56b1fea.jpg  photo 1_zps2b84f5b9.jpg
Cataphract 2.

Who really cares if the cavalry charging the steam  tanks are wearing a little too much armour, eh?


The Lead Tally - 2014

Acquired: +55       Painted: +25          Total: -30

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