Saturday, 23 August 2014

TOG 1 or 2 ?

Hey Internet,

Today a package finally arrived in the post - yay!

Within it was a Flames of War TOG 2 tank model that I ordered about two weeks ago, and have been looking forward to receiving with childlike excitement.

 photo 9bl0FN0_zps05ed6d4e.jpg
For you that don't know, this magnificent beast is a TOG.

Irritatingly, I ordered two, the other one has been placed on 'back order', whatever that means.

More to the point, as soon as the postman was gone, I of course got out my new toy for a bit of a play.

As fate would have it, I recently took delivery of some Blue Moon Mark I tanks. The Blue Moon kits come with both 'Male' and 'Female' sponsons....and I'm building them as gun tanks....and the 'spare' machine gun sponsons just so happen to perfectly fit my pretty little TOG....

 photo DSC_0086_zpsrghwrrzc.jpg shouldn't I build the model as The Old Gang of the Royal Navy Landships Commitee originally intended?

 photo tog_i_super_heavy_tank_by_zaleski007-d77oxum_zps83ecd248.png
These drawings gives a fairly good impression of the original design. 
 photo i_091_zps8dfd8715.jpg

I mean, the sponsons are not *100%* historically accurate as they are from a Mk.I, rather than a Mk.V tank, but on the other hand, the machine guns contained within would be being used to mow down Martians in revenge for the 1899 'Rape of London', so, I'm not all too fussed on that front.

 photo 1GB-TOG1_zpsfa63beff.jpg
I'd need to get some Matilda II turrets to complete the transformation, but that is no problem really.

Feeling really jazzed about doing this.

Let me know what you think!


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