Monday, 25 August 2014

Tokyo Was Not Built In A Day... [2]

Hey Internet,

A little while ago, I started construction of Japan City, Asia.

Originally, I'd planned to do the whole thing with Resin buildings, but after some reflection on the hideous cost involved, I've decided to switch to 'papercraft' terrain.

I've never been a fan of paper terrain. To me, its always looked a bit..well...crap. That said, the buildings in the classic monster movies that inspired this project were hardly a lot if anyone asks, its a homage, not me being cheap!

 photo DSC_0085_zpshzfjjcdc.jpg
Two down, a fifty or so to go. 

I've made a start. Two buildings - took me about an hour each. Turns out folding and gluing paper really isn't something I was born to do...

Some 'free papercraft building' links;



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