Tuesday, 8 April 2014


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I had intended to get this model ready to post up over the weekend, but being the clever sorta' guy that I am I managed to explode a bottle of silver paint all over him when he was 90% complete.

Feeling like a proper twonk, I decided to painstakingly repaint this model as penance.

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Exoskeletor is a rather strange model that I've had sitting around for years. I'm not totally sure where and when I got it, although I have the vague notion that the model is from Ral Partha UK. He's on a 50mm washer for working out how big he is - hes around ~60mm to the top of the head.

Its a nice sculpt with plenty of detail and was cast with only a few simple mold likes to worry about. However, the concept, for want of a better word, of the model is a little kooky. A giant lobster with a battle axe? If I was not looking out for outlandishly daft models for my Kaiju project I have no idea what I'd use it for. The pose it a little off too; really quite flat for a model with so many flailing appendages.

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I've left off the wiggly lobster face antenna as they were made of very thin metal and were rather heavy. I couldn't see them lasting very long at all, and I really don't it when a model breaks. It's left two big holes in the face, but I've incorporated them into Exoskeletor's rules, so I'm okay with it.

I did a Google search for 'lobster monsters' and found these two fine examples. I decided that the colours were perfect for my own creature.

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Frustrations over going though the exact same painting process twice within three days aside, it was a rather easy colour scheme to do. I used some very big brushes and plenty of ink washes and dry-brushing to build up the red colour.

That done, it was a fairly simple matter to pick out all the barnacles in a creamy karki colour and fill in the belly area in a yellowy cream colour. I'm not totally sure about the axe at the moment.

I might go back and add some rust effects or verdigris to the blade to make it look a little more like he's been carrying under the sea for a while.

So, like him?


The Lead Tally - 2014

Acquired: +4       Painted: +2          Total: -2

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