Thursday, 17 April 2014

Help Needed: 10-Second Favour

Hey Internet,

I really only use this blog for War-gaming stuff - but I'm going to make this one exception.

A group of my friends are in a 'pop-punk' band called Montrose, and have entered their music video into the 'Red Bull: Download' competition. The video was filmed and produced by my best friend - a man that I will forever be in debt to for his help getting though my illness over these last few years.

If they can stay within the 'top 100' in the competition, the lot of them have real shot of hitting the big time - so if you could spare 10 seconds to give them a vote I'd massively appreciate it.

You can vote once every day - so if anyone would be so kind as to pop back once a day for the next four days that would be amazing - but even a single vote would be ace.

Click Here to vote

Thank you


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