Sunday, 6 April 2014


Hey Internet,

Wondering why I've not posted my week's painting today?

Probably not, but your here anyway, so indulge me.

I was just about done painting my weekly lot, and got out a dropper bottle of silver paint for one of the final highlights.

Squeezed on the thing.

It exploded.

Entire bottle of paint jetted across my painting table, up my shirt, down my trousers, across my face (inc eyes) and across the models I had been painting.

I've done my best to salvage what I could, but I fear that most of them will soon have a date with a jar of break fluid.

I've got most of the paint out of my eyes, which was fun.

 photo vader_NOOOO_zps62a5a09c.jpg


  1. Oh man. Here I was, thinking I'd picked a nice, peaceful and safe hobby...

    1. Thinking about it, as hobbies go ours isn't the safest. Personally I've had a few accidents with glue, paint, paint stripper and knives that have left be worse for ware, and there are always the legends of people who've landed themselves in hospital with lead poisoning or from filling their lungs with resin dust.

      But, that said, my grandmother took a knitting needle to the leg a good few years ago that had her in hospital.....