Sunday, 20 April 2014

Nova Streltzý

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Hey Internet,

I've not been feeling all too hot lately, so it’s been a little while since I last did a post. I've been too pre-occupied with hay fever and migraines to get much in the way of modelling and painting done.

Yet, I present Nova Streltzý.

This is the first Infinity model that I have painted in a long time, but should hopefully be the first of many that I post up as part of this ‘Kaiju Hunting’ project. I have about half a dozen waiting for their turn.

Right now, I am really rather of the opinion that the figures produced by Infinity are just the best science fiction figures currently available. The designs are intricate, but not cluttered. The concepts are, whilst universally ‘anime’ and cyberpunk inspired, rather fresh and original. The quality of the sculpting and casting is just superb. They have even been designed so that they fit together without a modicum of fuss or difficulty; something that I would say is my major peeve when it comes to high-end figures.

However, for me at least, this quality has been a bit of a downer. I consider myself an all-right painter. Not great by any means, but at least ‘okay’. These figures on the other hand far better than merely ‘okay’!

Whenever I am painting one I feel that I am doing it an injustice. I've seen what painters far better than I can achieve, and even as I put all of the effort, concentration and skill I can muster into a figure, I know that it is doomed to fall short.

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This in mind, I spent the better part of a week’s ‘hobby time’ arseing around on-line looking for the perfect colour scheme for this figure, researching how to layer and highlight properly and so on and so forth.

All that said, I’m really quite happy with how Nova Streltzý has turned out. I went for a simple olive drab and red colour scheme. The green is a new concoction that I have not tried before, but I am most pleased with it. I think I will try it again on some Soviet armour before too long. The red was also different to my usual mix – far brighter and more ‘red’ than my usual red-orange. Those two colours aside, the rest was arduously painted dirty metal piping, with shiny brass bits.

Nova Streltzý took bloody forever to paint, probably about 9 hours in all split into three three hour painting sessions, but really that’s no bad thing. I’ve been in a painting rut for quite a while, churning out ‘passable’ models at the rate of a few a week, and I really feel like I gave this guy my all for once. I tried a bunch of new colour mixes and painting techniques and ended up with the first figure that I can say I'm proud to have completed in a very long time.

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^ Russians on Parade


The Lead Tally - 2014
Acquired: +31       Painted: +5          Total: -28

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