Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ideas: Pyongyang Unicorn

Hey Internet,

With Nova Streltzy sitting pretty, its time for me to plan my next Jager: The Pyongyang Unicorn !

I have a nice clean concept - I just need a model to hang it off.

It needs to look a bit crappy, but still look okay next to Infinity models. I think it should be big too. Real big. 

Whereas the other Jagers in my setting have one pilot, I feel the Payongyang Unicorn needs a crew of at least three: most benevolent and powerful leader and two guys to actually fly the thing. 

The 'Weird Science' rules in Savage Words also give interesting opportunities for things like the super-computer eating the tape...

Lead contender at the moment is the OOP Battletech 'Colossus';

 photo download_zpsad57cee6.jpg

Its big, fugly, and looks to have a superb sound-system for playing invigorating patriotic songs during the heat of battle.

I am far from settled on this model though - and I want to get this one right. Anyone else got a contender they think would fit the bill?


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