Sunday, 18 May 2014

6mm Civilians

'afternoon Internet, 

Today we've got some bases of 6mm scale civilians for my 'Kaiju Monster Battle Hour!' project. 

 photo groupphoto_zps23d33a8d.jpg

Civilians are a stock feature of any good Monster Movie, and so, of course, must be a feature of my little games. Whether they are in need of rescue or need corralling out of the area (usually before the military can open up with their 'anti-kaiju missile') I'm sure they will see plenty of use. 

The models are a mixed bag. I know the yellow jeep is from Brigade Models, the red lorry is from Irregular Miniatures and I think the rest are all from Heroics and Ros, but don't quote me on that. 

 photo CloseUp_zpsde8e822c.jpg

I've painted this models in dribs-and-drabs over the last few months - usually when I've mixed up too much paint and don't want to waste it. Recently my 6mm roads turned up, giving me the chance to actually finish these guys up. 

All they were waiting on was their bases, and after experimenting with many different shades of grey, I found that Vallejo Sea Grey is the closest to the colour of the roads. I think they merge into the table pretty well with a flat coat of the stuff.

 photo drivindownaroadagain_zps6a873ede.jpg

Whenever I find a good source of decent civilians I'll add to my little collection. If anyone wants to prod me in the right direction, please go ahead.

Like them?

Mr R. Marx.

The Lead Tally - 2014

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