Friday, 23 May 2014

A Two-Headed Troll

Howdy Yoll,

I've finally painted something - go me!

This time it is a Reaper Miniatures Two-Headed Troll. He's a really nice model - big and chunky, with lots of fun details and plenty of character.

 photo IMG_4062NU_zps43c916d5.jpg

Quite a lot of time went into this guy. I've really be struggling to paint properly for the last few months on account of my various heath troubles: so I'm feeling pretty chuffed with this one, just for having finished it.

I kept the colour pallet to very simple historical dark-age colours to keep the model feeling 'mythological' rather than 'high fantasy', but to add a little interest I played up the fugly, minging quality of the troll with some brighter colours - lavender lips, dark pink boils, orange rust and turquoise verdigris on the metal.

 photo IMG_4063NU_zpsbd5d2ad3.jpg

Although he (or is it 'they'?) has (have?) yet to be named, I've already done their stats for Of Gods and Mortals. Anyone got any ideas for a name (or two)?

Hope you like him.

Mr. Marx

The Lead Tally - 2014

Acquired: +38       Painted: +15          Total: -26


  1. Very nice - like the colouring and especiallly like what you've done with the orange rust on the armour. Great job