Thursday, 8 May 2014

Combine Z P - First Attempts at Variable Focus Image Stacking

Hey Internet,

I've never been happy with the photos that I post up on this little blog. Up until now, I've been taking loads of single photographs and using the ones that are sort of 'the most in focus'. Even the best photos of these have had real problems with depth of field - because the photos are taking a photo of something so small from such short a distance, some parts of the model are in focus while others are just a horrible blur.

However, I've recently downloaded and started using a piece of free image stacking software called 'Combine Z P', and have been having a bit of a play. This is what I've managed to do so far;

 photo 4_zpsf7bdc149.jpg

 photo 5_zps78d49798.jpg

Now I just need to sort some decent lighting out...and maybe get myself a Macro lens....


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