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Review: Plasmablast Games 6mm

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Today I thought I'd do a little review of my recent purchases from Plasmablast Games of Greece. This is the first order I have ever made with the company, but I have been left with a very positive impression and thought I'd share. I had a little bit of an email 'back and forth' with them and they seem like an altogether nice bunch of guys.

The larger part of my order was a trio of 'Maarghast - Heavy Assault Tanks'. The model comes in two verities; one with a pair of  'plasma cannons', or another with a single, much larger, 'plasma cannon'. Both types cost 3.8€ each, which is rather a lot for a single 6mm scale tank, but I think they are well worth it.

I did expect the tanks to be a fair bit larger given their price-tag. I've included a penny (20mm across) in the photo below to show their size. That said, I was not at all disappointed by their size; I far prefer the more 'realistic', daintier, 6mm scale model to one that is a bit more over-the-top in its proportions. They'll fit in far better alongside their GHQ comrades too.

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The design of the models is what sold me on them. They have a really groovy retro-futuristic 'neo-soviet' look to them; lots of curvy panels and smooth lines. I'm quite sure that the tanks are 3D CAD designed - and as you'd expect from that, the quality of the sculpting is flawless. No wobbly strait lines or anything of the kind. The level of detail is also superb. My photos are crap, but check out the renders below to see the intricate panel lines and things. Its also worth pointing out that, despite their curvy surfaces, they don't have any problems with 'stepping lines' from the 3D printing process.

The other thing that I am particularly pleased with the the quality of the casts. The mold lines are  virtually non-existent. I'm not sure if it is just because these tanks have only just been released and the molds are new, or if Plasmablast just has very good quality standards, but either way they are superb.

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^ Renders off the website.

The other half of my order was four 'Wolfbite - 3x3 Missile Trikes'. I really liked the design of these funky little three-wheelers, and thought that they'd make nice attack-bike sort of things. I was quite surprised by how large they were then they turned up - I'd expected them to be a good 1/3rd smaller. I don't know if the models are 3D CAD designed or traditionally sculpted, but either way they are really nice. Like the tanks, they are very nicely cast. Given their size and quality they are well worth their little 1€ price tag (per model).

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I'm thoroughly pleased with my little tanks and look forward to their future releases. If you're into small scale sci-fi go give them a look:  Plasmablast Games.

Mr. R. Marx.

The Lead Tally - 2014

Acquired: +38       Painted: +14          Total: -27

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