Thursday, 8 May 2014

HM-120 Science Tank [1]

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Greetings Comrades,

Today we unveil the latest weapon in our great Union's struggle against the Capitalist menace: The HM-120 (Hayka Mashina; Scientific Vehicle).

The HM-120 is the culmination of many years of thought and labour. Armed with the new 'Brainial Beam' it insures our military supremacy for many decades to come.

Developed by the great minds of the Moscow State University, the 'Brainial Beam' is a new and formidable weapon that renders even the most opulent Western war machines inoperable.

Although its workings are of course secret, it is known that the weapon functions by attacking the very minds of its target, drawing their deepest fears and anxieties to the forefront of their consciousness, rendering them insensible with madness within moments.

Also of note are the 'Archimedes Screws' that take the place of the usual endless-tracks seen our other great armoured vehicles. Developed by Comrade Archimedes, by order of Comrade Stalin himself, these screws allow the HM-120 unrivalled mobility on any surface, and with floatation tanks allow it to traverse bodies of water.

The HM-120 will be deployed in coming months under the direction of the Bureau of Psychotronic Warfare.

Commanders are invited to respond with their thoughts on this new weapon.

Comrade Marx.
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The Lead Tally - 2014

Acquired: +31       Painted: +10          Total: -23

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